Intermittent Fasting

What is intermittent fasting

Is an schedule of dieting ,basically its a way to controlling your diet and make your life healthier. History of this dieting show it may help to  lose your weight and prevent you from chronic disease.  People may have many misconception about this fasting. They thought in this fasting you have to fast for a whole day or week which is impossible without takin less calories diet. Many people comparing it with water fasting . In this intermittent fasting you have to take a diet in five days of a week and fasting it on next  two days with little bit diet under 500 calories in which you can take juices or eggs

In this diet you have to maintain your timing have to take your meal with in 8 hours of day              Beast time of taking meals is between10 am to 6 pm or may 7 am to 3 pm 

if you are taking nap between your fasting its also include in intermittent fasting

During the fasting periods food is not allowed but you can take drinks which may include coffee juice tea

The food that you should contain is may the best food which is fully rich in protein glucose take less amount of food but full fill your need

Mainly its include 
  • low fat meat
  • vegetable which may include potato green vegetable
  • Fish
  • sea food
  • Fruits
  • glucose drinks
  • grains
  • chicken
  • you can take broth
You can take all these meal during the eating window
  • it may cause you dizziness
  • it may cause you insomnia
  • you may frustrated some time

take excess of water even in the fasting time

A diet schedule 
In break fast
  • Before the fasting periods start you can some avocado on your wheat bread
  • eggs
  • fresh juices
During the fasting time 
  • you should intake a detox water (add some cut cucumber ,lemon, honey, chia seed in container which contain water) This detox water may help you to maintain your salt of your body.
Can you exercise during intermittent fasting ??
  • yes you can because when you are fasting with your empty stomach the stored glycogen or fats are reduced and they are mainly the stored fuel and your body rely on it .
  • in this you can lose your weight much more fast .
  • But remember not the heavy or fast one

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