Maintaining a healthy diet for your skin benefits is difficult but it take a crucial role to treat not only your skin problems like acne but also give you a healthy life style with that you should follow a proper skin care routine .

Need to understand what is acne

Acne is skin disease cause by clogged pores , inflammation and bacterial growth and most common on your face , neck , chest and back .Some hormonal or genetics factors also cause acne problems. Skin produce sebum oil which maintain to hydrate you skin but extra production of it and dead skin cell cause a problem of acne . While there is no one-size-fits-all solution but by adopting a balance diet can help you deal with acne .

Nutrients need for acne skin


Antioxidants is a substance that maintain your skin to deal with the oxidative damage. You can take it by including fruit in your diet like apples. blueberry, pomegranates or citrus .

Omega-3-fatty acid

By including this in your meal can deal with inflammation or irritation in your skin and also promote high complexion . You can take in fish like salmon sardines and all fatty fish or walnuts , chia seed or flaxseed.


Zinc help you to maintain the regulation of your oil production and reduce the severity of acne . There are many food which contain zinc like pumpkin seeds , lentils or chickpeas .

Vitamins A

By including vitamin A in your diet you can treat the severity of your acne and also prevent more acne production . Vitamin present in sweet potato , carrots, broccoli or liver .


Probiotic foods are mainly yogurt , kimchi and many more by including this in your diet you can treat you acne prone skin because probiotic increase gut microbiome which promote a healthy skin deal with or balancing gut bacteria .

Food need to out of your diet

High-glycemic food

Food that contain sugar spike your blood sugar level and worsen your acne . So take only that food which contain low glycemic food to make your skin healthy and clean

Cut to dairy products

Some dairy products can increase the cause of acne so can you can use alternatives like almond milk or oats milk .

Fried food

Cut to that which high level of unhealthy fats or can trigger inflammation or aggravate acne . Stick to less fried food and enjoy not only healthy skin or healthy life .

Reduce excess sodium

Use less sodium products because it cause extra extra water loss or may worsen your acne . So watch your sodium intake .

Alcohol and caffeine

Excess of any thing is toxic as per same excess intake of alcohol cause dehydration and make you skin worsen . So drink plenty of water and reduce the use of such kind of beverages .

Important note

  • Drink plenty water daily at least 8 to 12 glass
  • In summer use detox water
  • Take fresh juices

By limit your food or convert it into healthy plane you can treat your acne prone skin also not only depend on food also take a proper skin care routine and also consult to a professional dermatologist for your personal advise .

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