• Quench you thirst is not only the thing that your body required to survive buts also something give you some kind of refreshment .One of the simplest and important is water a fundamental component to hydrate your body and gives the minerals that your body need to work.
  • Water is the elements of life its not only quench your thirst but also regulate your body temperature and support over all being .
  • Herbal tea is one of the best alternative of caffeine free drinks . Its gave you variety of hot and cold tea . Their are many varieties just like Ginger tea , Spearmint tea , Peppermint tea . Its not only contain diverse flavors but also gave you hydrating properties .
  • Fresh fruits juice not only quench your thirst but also help you to maintain your by their natural ingredients like orange juice contain citric which help you to maintain your skin healthy boost your metabolism beetroot juice help you to maintain your cardio vascular system in several ways . you can drink watermelon juice because its rich in watery consistency . All kind of fresh juice contain naturally sweetness which is not dangerous to your health.
  • Coconut water not only contain hydrating properties but also resolve your health relating properties like it maintain your sugar level help to prevent in kidney stone and gives you anti oxidant properties you can take this daily . After a long exercise its beneficial to take.
  • Iced tea is a source of refreshment . it cause many health benefits like its help you in weight loss and maintain your cardiovascular system . Many and most people to take this tea in summers . Its also give you hydrating properties . Its contain many flavors like lemon ice tea , peach ice tea ,mint ice tea .
  • Smoothies provide a tastiest way to hydrating your self and give you desired nutrients with a mixture of fruits vegetable and nuts it also contain a liquid products like milk water yogurt coconut water and many other . This drink not only give you your desired way to quench your thirst but also gave you many nutrients and you can customize your smoothie as your desired taste.
  • Lemonade are the carbonated water which main ingredients are lemon water and salt . This is one of the best hydrating drink in summers its not only quench your thirst but also gave you best minerals like salts . Due to high temperature in summer excess lost of salt and water its also reduce the loss .
  • Water allow any of individual to make their own best drink according to their desired they can add vegetable fruits or herbs whether its may the slices of tomatoes cucumber mint lemon basil leaves . You may find you best drink according to your taste .
  • Conclusion : The main purpose to drink is to quench your thirst and if it is come with your desired requirement then you can enjoy your drink but mainly not forget about whether is this good for your health or not . if you are taking natural products yes they are not injurious to your health but excess take of any thing may cause you side effect .

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