Pakistan is the country of culture and it has many region and their specialty of food their specific taste either we are taking about the flavorful meat dishes of Punjab to the aromatic rice of Sindh . Pakistani dishes are rich in aromatic spices like cumin cardamom clover coriander and fresh leaves like mint and basil. Pakistan food reflects its culture .

In Pakistan Lahore is the famous city for “Nashta” means breakfast .

  • Nihari is one of the famous breakfast and also a national dish of Pakistan . Mostly it is served with roti or naan also called kulcha . This dish is mainly originated from sub continent from Mughal era . It is an typically meat stew cooked on low flame with specific spices like ginger garlic chili powder and aromatic spices like cloves, cardamom ,cinnamon . It can be cooked with every kind of meat typically made with beef or lamb shanks . its served with lemon slices of ginger an fresh cilantro .
  • Haleem is a festive dish and served on special occasions . Its a stew composed with many ingredients like different kind of grains spices herbs and meat ( beef, chicken ,or mutton ) . Spices include ginger garlic paste aromatic herbs . You can also called it lentils soup. Served with naan steam rice and roti.
  • Halwa Puri is a kind of sweet break fast which mainly contain a soft puri eaten with halwa chaney and pickle (achar) . Pori is kind of deep fry bread made of all purpose flour. Halwa is made of sooji , ghee , sugar , cardamom powder, and chopped nuts for garnish . This dish is also famous in India.
  • Saag is South Asian cuisine mainly popular in Punjab (both Pakistan and India) . Its a kind of stew and curry made up of green vegetables like spinach mustard green (sarson) fenugreek (meethi) . Saag is made of by the combination of these . You may also add paneer potato or meat . Saag is served with makai ki roti or paratha with extra ghee .
  • Naan chana is the famous delicious cuisine also known as naan choley . Naan is soft Afghani roti made of maida and choley is the spicy curry contain different kinds of spices . Its one of the most famous breakfast and mostly people like to consume it on weekends .
  • Paratha is flat layered bread made up of wheat flour and ghee . Firstly made a dough take 2 cup of wheat flour add water as you need a spoon of ghee and a pinch of salt to taste . and then roll it on tava and shallow fry it with butter/ghee/oil . Mostly served in breakfast with milk tea, curry and eggs .
  • Lassi is like a smoothie and a yogurt base refreshing drink . It came with variety of flavor it can be salty or sweet depending on your preference. Served it with ice .
  • Kachori is a deep fry, crispy pastry filled with spicy mixture that contain meat potato onion and lentils and aromatic spices contain chili powder, cumin, coriander. Served with green chutney tamarind chutney . Gives as an appetizer and also consider in street food .

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