Turkey is a country which is always famous for it unique taste and their food . Their culture is reflected in their food . Turkey people are full of hospitality. They always show a great gesture to the visitors so they came again to their country and enjoy their food which reflect their rich culture their diverse geography . Their food also reflect various culture like Ottoman, Arabic and Mediterranean .



Turkey is always famous for their kababs and the dishes that contain meat . Their are various kind of kabab just like ADANA KEBAB which basically contain minced meat and some spics and grilled on skewers . SHISH KEBAB is basically made of lamb cube meat and grilled on skewer . DONER KEBAB is basically a layers of meat cooked in vertically rotisserie.

  • MEZE

Meze is a section of small dishes which is mainly served as an appetizer or may also part of large meal. Its may often include dips like hummus, salads, yogurt, olive, flat bread (pita), stuffed grapes leaves and last but no the least sea food .


Manti is an Turkish dumplings served filled with vegetables and meat . mainly served with yogurt butter and garlic or some time topped with tomato sauce and melted butter its all depend on your desired .


Baklava is a sweet dish like an pastry made of filo pastry sheets filled with full of nuts and sweetened with honey and syrups . This dish is not only famous in turkey but also in Arabs .

  • PIDE

Pide is an Turkish pizza and you can also consider as flat bread pizza and its dough is mainly made of water, salt, yeast, flour and olive oil or butter . The topping of the pizza include various ingredients like minced meat, cheese, vegetable and herbs .


Cop shish is an small cubs of marinated meat and vegetable grilled in skewer served with rice and bread .


Kofta is an Turkish meatball basically made from minced meat (lamb and mutton) mixed with spices and vegetable . Served with steam rice and flat bread Not only famous in Turkey but also in middle east .


Lokum is an Turkish sweet dish made of gel of starch and sugar . Came into many varieties like in orangs hazelnuts bounded by the gel and its also coated into sugar coconut flakes .


Kunafeh is an sweet dish or a pastry not only famous in Turkey but also in middle east and made of thin or shredded phyllo dough and layered it with sweet sheet cheese and soaked into sweet syrups . It is garnish with nuts to make its flavor better . Served warm so that the cheese remain soft . And its popular mainly on occasions and festive .


Simit is a bread and also known as Turkish bagel . its dough is made of water flour salt and sugar. This dough is rolled into circular shape twisted it into a ring and then fry it until the color is golden brown and the exterior became crispy. Mostly served with tea and coffee in breakfast .

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