Ginger Shots


  • Take one piece ginger (30gram)  (amount of ginger depend on your quantity you need  )
  • Add carrot  (give you minerals and vitamins )
  • Add lemon and orange juice (2 or 1 or may half depend on the quantity you are taking )  (citrus is important for breaking down mucus )
  • You can use honey and other syrup (to make it taste better )
  • Water (to reduce its consistency ,optional )
Make ready ginger 
  • Take a fresh piece of ginger and peel it and cut into fine piece with help of your cutlery
  • Same repeat this process with the carrot (remember carrot is totally optional you can use any other kind of vegetable its on your preference )
Prepare lemon orange juice 
  • 2 cup of lemon or orange juice ( quantity depend on your amount )
  • Take fresh piece of lemon or orange and squeeze it
  • Prefer fresh juice other then extract one
Mix the ingredients 
  • Take a blender and add all the ingredients and mix it well
  • if you want a diluting texture so you can add water
Optional ingredients 
  • For optional ingredients you can use table salt or black salt which not only giving you better taste but also solve your digestive problems .
  • You may use honey
  • To make it more efficient you can use beetroot many people like it
  • you can preserved it for weeks in your refrigerator

Importance for your body 

Boost your immune 
  • help to improve your strength
  • work as an antioxidants and anti-inflammatory
Diabetic patient 
  • This drink contain ginger or lemon which a diabetic patient can easily take or that may help in their disease
For acne purpose 

Ginger doesn’t work directly for acne but this drink may contain lemon or orange which contain citric acid or vitamin c which is very affective for skin or acne

Work for skin 
  • ginger shots work for skin health problems
  • mainly acne prone skin
Work as an antibacterial or anti fungal 
  • ginger mainly have properties who work as anti bacterial or anti fungal for the breakout you had
Reduce production of oil in skin
  • ginger help to reduce sebum production which mainly cause extra oil production on your skin and cause acne
  • ginger itself not treat acne but in other terms it may
Work to reduce your stress 
  • mainly calming you
  • work in anxiety condition
  • because stress is also cause in acne so some how its ginger shot work for acne

Type of ginger shot

  • Turmeric ginger shot
  • lemon ginger hot
  • Apple ginger shoot
Can you take ginger shot daily?

If you like the taste or doesn’t feel any weird changes in your body and not taking any kind of medication then definitely you can take it daily .

Side effect of ginger shot
  • may cause on your gastrointestinal effect a little bit
  • may cause in blood thin
Companies whose produce ginger shot 
  • Many local or international companies are producing ginger shots .
  • They may give delivery through amazon to your door step .
Most popular one is MOJU shots 

which you can mainly found in amazon or other website

Best MOJU shot is hot mango immunity shot